Welcome Beautiful Soul

My journey with healing my heart started in 2001 when I felt like my soul and spirit were annihilated.

I was crushed down to the ground both emotionally and physically and like a pilgrimage I found my way back to balance and wholeness.

In this life time, I have experienced marriage, death, disease, persecution, victimisation and much more…

I have had many moments which have squeezed my soul and spirit to the point of extinction and yet here I am… better and healthier and FREE.

It’s not easy living in this time of polarisation and heightened emotions.

We need tools, connection, support and guidance. We need light to show us the way through the darkness and out the other side - stronger and healthier than ever before.

So here we are, taking this journey together during a time of deep transformation. We must learn how to stabilise our foundations and come into present moment strength and awareness.

We are learning to have a deep and direct relationship with ourselves and something much greater than us, too.

These tools will help you to illuminate the areas where you keep repeating negative, self-destructing patterns as well as empower you to feel like you can thrive in your life.

All of us have Inner Child within us that carries around wounding, pain, guilt and shame from our childhoods and conditioning.

Many of us carry these wounds throughout our lives and repeat destructive patterns over and over.

Our Inner child is constantly attempting to communicate with us. They want to be heard, nurtured, loved and held. They want to feel whole. 

We now have the opportunity to meet these needs in the most comforting, supportive and pattern-breaking way - creating liberation and freedom. 

In this masterclass we will introduce Inner Child healing concepts and start you on your journey to wholeness. 

Our time is now. 

Welcome yourself home and begin anew.

From my heart to yours

Dawn xx

Love Notes

Love Notes

Love Notes

Inner Child Masterclass

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As long as you maintain subscription or during the time frame for which you have paid. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course - across any and all devices you own. 

What if I am unhappy with the course?

All sales for this course are final upon receipt.

Can I print and download the material

Yes and yes. Both very easily!